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Over the past 15 years I have sent millions of emails, to people all around the world. That’s not an exaggerated number and as a result, I’ve learned a tremendous amount regarding what resonates with readers and what doesn’t.

Originally motivated by my own desire to possibly travel the world for free (which is a long way off), I have adjusted my journey and am using my skills, to curate a personalised weekly email that features a collection of travel tips and destinations, amazing photos and entertainment escapes (think quizzes, books, films, websites, etc) that do not require you to book a holiday.

Whilst I do like to travel overseas, I am not a travel writer or even travel agent, so I cannot guarantee any experience in the newsletter. However, I would be delighed if you want to join me, as we search the world for the best escapes it has to offer.

Josh Tucker
Founder and Managing Director

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